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the switch that led to another

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hiya. my story isn't sooo exciting, but i figure it's worth sharing :-)


my dad has ALWAYS, always been a Mac guy...since the Apple II days. somehow, i managed to get corrupted in middle school and got sucked into the windows world for most of high school :-(


anyway...we got me a brand new gateway laptop for college...centrino, top of the line then. it was pretty nice, and worked just fine for my first year at college. then i went home for the summer...and my Dad had just justified getting a shiny new PowerBook G4. i was playing around on it for a bit, and then needed a file or something from my Gateway. Sooo...I pick up my Gateway, and try to get on the wireless network...I had to restart twice and disable/re-enable the wireless a few times before I FINALLY had a signal.


after that, I went to my Dad and was like...what will it take for ME to get a Powerbook, too???


soo...we sold my Gateway and planned to sell my Dad's older iBook G3 to pay for my Powerbook. sharing my story with my boyfriend, he got increasingly jealous of my laptop that ALWAYS WORKED. fortunately for him, my dad is a super nice guy and so we ended up selling dad's iBook to my boyfriend, for a pretty nice deal (seeing as the iBook still had AppleCare, had as much RAM as possible, and was extremely well taken care of!...not to mention the brand new logic board) :-D


he, too, was most impressed by how quickly the Apple computers wake up and get connected to wireless networks. absolutely amazing to those of us who spent some time on the dark side..!


for about 6 months, i said every day "i love my computer"...literally, hehe. still comes out every other week or so ;-)




(Some nice quotes from my boyfriend since he switched: "Once you go mac, you never go back"...and...he works for IT at his school and one day he says to me "after messing with Windows flaws all day, it's nice to come home to a Mac" :-D)

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Nice story. Congrats on helping someone else to switch. I had a guy at work contemplating Macs at work yesterday. I am always talking to my Mother about switching as well. She has a good friend who also uses a Mac. Maybe I can help to push her over the decision point. :)

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