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Camcorder/Firewire Impossibilities

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I have a Panasonic CCD digital camcorder. It only has a USB connection to connect to my Powerbook. As we all know, this makes it useless; the Mac will not recognise it.

I have been everywhere in the Middle East (including Alexandria) to places like radio Shack etc, and have been told I cant use firewire on this camera.

Do I just give up? I love this camcorder and its perfect in every other respect: it's CCD, its got great resolution etc, but I cant copy to Imovie etc.

Is there any solution? Something outside the box?

Trust me, there is no digital Mini DV outlet...only the USB.



PS: is it common American pronunciation to call NIKON with the "I" as in "Nike"? I cringe every time I hear Adam say "Nyekon" instead of "NIKON" with the "i" as in "nip" or "sit".

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Does it mount as a drive in the finder? If you can get it to do that, then could you grab the .dv files manually?

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You might be out of luck if iMovie will not recognize the camera (make sure you have it in playback mode). I don't really know why iMovie won't support USB cameras (besides the so-so quality and reliability, as Windows Movie Maker, as bad as it is, supports USB cameras).


By the way. People in the US almost always pronounce Nikon as "Nye-kon", I have never heard any one say it differently.

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