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The .nib Versus .mp3 File Mystery

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Today, I stumbled upon a mystery: I ran across a song that iTunes refuses to play, so I decided to investigate a little bit. To find the file containing the song, I ctrl+click on the file (or right-click) and selected “Show in Finder”. It turned out that the file referenced by the song has a .nib extention instead of .mp3. Fortunately, next to that .nib file is the .mp3 file, so I double-click the .mp3 to import it back into iTunes. Finally, I selected the unplayable song in iTunes and hit the “delete” key and chose “Move to Trash” to get rid of both the song and the .nib file.


After this incident, I poke around a found a dozen of .nib files within my library which I used the same method to manually correct the situation. I appreciate any explanation for insight into this problem. I am running iTunes on Mac OS X 10.4.9.

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Very strange, these file types shouldn't have been in your music folder, I'm just wondering whether a 3rd party app or Applescript went awry and created them.


I did a quick Apple support search, this is the only thread that came up with anything, it shows you're not alone, but unfortunately doesn't really explain the cause.

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For those who don't know, and care to know what NIB files are I thought I'd post this really quick. Be warned that this is a very quick explanation and if you're interested, you can search the internet and find out more. An NIB file is a proprietary binary format Apple uses to store user interface files for OS X applications. NIB stands for NeXT Interface Builder as much os OSX came from the NeXT OS, there are a ton of small pieces of NeXT still in the OS especially when coding for OS X.


I have no idea how they would get there and I would be interested to see what's in one of those files. I think I'm going to look in my own iTunes Library an see if I can discover anything.



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