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iPod 606 Gig Color (the New one)

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I have a new iPod 60 gig, my 3rd iPod. I have the original "Classic" purchased the day they were released at an Apple store (and it still works with limited battery life), and the Shuffle.The new 60 Gig has fixed the problem I have always had with long files on the hard drive versions of iPod and no longer produces gaps when playing long files when the buffer empties out and reloads. However I have had to reboot this iPod many times in it's two week life. I have just done a retore to factory settings to see if that fixes the locking up problem. At least there is no blue screen when it does lock up.

There is a feature I discovered recently so I don't know if this has been there awhile, or is new to 4.9 since I never used Auto updating before, but if I am listening to a long file on the iPod, say an audiobook, then dock and open iTunes and click the file in iTunes Library, it remembers where I left off, and the same is true when I undock and go back to the iPod. THAT is cool!

Looking at photos from iPhoto is cool too, and you can store both thumbs and full size if you want to load them on someone elses computer.

The formfactor is great for a 60gig, still a little slimer than my classic and nice rounded edges. The push to click dial is the best so far. If I put in my shirt pocket, I rarely false trigger a button with it not locked. As far as external cases, I haven't found one that you can keep on and dock, so I using it naked for now. My Pioneer portable XM radio has a great case that has an open bottom for docking and I wish I could find one like that for the Pod.

Now here is something I did not expect. I transfered a finished Final Cut Pro file, about 20 minutes long, to take home am make a DVD from . I experimented and opened Final Cut and imported the file directly from the iPod to the bin without transfering to a hard drive, AND IT WORKED! I could rake the play head back and forth and it behaved like it was on a fast hard dirive. I was able to encode (using BitVise) Directly off the iPod.

And finally battery life is about as advertised, 10 to 12 hours, however if i place in the dock to listen out the line out, without firewire connected, and forget to turn off, it will drain the battery. I have selected Sleep on to see if it fixes that problem.


My rating overall is a 9 out of 10. Not perfect, but very close to it.

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