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Drag and drop, Apple + Tab

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I only just discovered this the other day and it has speeded up my workflow so much I just had to share it.


When I find a link or a picture I want to paste into my blogging software - RapidWeaver - for as long as I can remember I've been dragging and dropping the attachment onto the desktop or into a folder and then Apple + Tab switching back to RapidWeaver, picking up the attachment again and dropping it into the main body of the posting.


Similarly, if I find an image on a web page that I want to edit in Photoshop, like a picture which is just crying out for a humorous speech bubble caption, I've done the same thing.


I only just just realised that anything which you can drag and drop stays "stuck" to the mouse, even when you Apple + Tab application switch. All you have to do is not leave go of the mouse when you switch applications until you're in the place you want to drop your selection.


For example - I'm a real hoarder of 1680 x 1050 wallpaper photographs and images. It used to be a real pain, right clicking on the image in a browser window, choosing "Save As.." and hitting "Save". Now all I have to do is pick up the image, Apple + Tab to switch to the finder and drop the image in the Pictures folder in the home directory for all my saves to be added to the Desktop and Screensavers System Preferences panel.


It even works for picking up a selection of text in a web page and dropping it into an e-mail.


Here's a video demo...


Drag and drop movie click here


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You can also drag and drop with Expose. So you can show all windows, hold your mouse over the window or app you want to drop into, wait for a second and then it will bring that one into focus and you can drop it. Or show the desktop and drop it there.

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