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Full Screen QT/iPhoto etc. not hiding Menu Bar

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I'm having a weird issue with the SystemUI lately.


I can't say exactly when it started happening, it may have been around 10.4.10, but whenever I put iPhoto, QuickTime, or even DVD Player in to full screen mode, the Dock and Menu Bar don't go away.


I have experimented with various utilities that hide or transparens-ify my menu bar, but I've uninstalled all of them completely, (including Preference files etc.) and it still sticks.


According to various research on the Web, I've found that controls of the SystemUI such as hiding and disabling of the Menu Bar and the Dock are controlled on an Application basis, under what's called a Kiosk development method.


Does anyone have these kinds of issues where the Dock/Menu bar don't fade away nicely like they should in Full Screen?


Here's a link to a screenshot of iPhoto in Full Screen. (It's not just my Desktop!)



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I ran all the repair permissions, daily/weekly/monthly cron jobs, and everything else, nothing seemed to help.


I can't seem to find a combo update for 10.4.10. I have installed all security and software updates though...

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Hmm still nothing. Also, I'll mention that the following Apps DO work in fullscreen:


-iTunes visualizer

-Full screen video in iTunes



Some common factors are:

-These apps don't "scale to fullscreen" like QuickTime does, although iPhoto doesn't "scale" either.

-These apps Fade or go to black before going full screen


Does anyone know the difference in fullscreening methods these applications use so I can target this a bit further?

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I just started having this problem and I have 10.5

I don't know when it started, but it happens in Quicktime and EyeTV.


Anyone have any ideas?





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