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Anyone with an iphone, what is it really like??

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After reading the published reeviews about the iphone (which i always take wiht with a pinch of salt), I wanted to know some real opinions on the iphone the people who have got one in the real world;


1) What was activation like?

2) Does the screen smudge easily?

3) How the typing on the keyboard?

4) How good is the "real internet"?

5) The battery life any good?



Thanks for honest opinions



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I read the warnings. I thought about how much better iPhone 2.0 would be. I thought of how expensive this one is. I bought it anyway.


1. Activation was painless. No problems whatsoever. The longest part - when AT&T had to do their part, was only a couple of minutes. However, I was already an AT&T customer (on a family plan), so I just had to add the data part to my plan.


2. It depends how dirty your fingers are. yes, it smudges, but it's easy to clean. It comes with a cloth. I usually just use my shirt. (I'm wearing a black t-shirt right now, so it's good.)


3. Typing is...tough for me. The worst thing - and I've read this elsewhere - is the backspace key. It's in a terrible place. I don't know if it's my eyes, but I usually have to hit to the left of where I think I should.


4. The real internet is okay. Edge is awful. Wi-fi is good. But really - a 3.5 inch screen is still too small for the internet. To be fair, I'm usually think a 15-inch powerbook is too small, too.


5. I have no idea about the battery yet.


The phone is be-yoo-ti-ful.

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I got it day one and it is great.

Activation was easy and painless for me, just 5 minutes.


Syncing is also very easy but you have to manage it wisely, only 4 or 8 gigs. You can sync your bookmarks, email accounts, photos, etc...


It has great features, I like the calendar feature now, I never used it before and now i am getting into it. The camera is 2 megapixels and it is great. I can already type faster than i would before. I just trust it with all words except Names. EDGE is okay in my area but I haven't used wi fi yet. The iPod is great with cover flow but with podcasts I cant find how to see the shownotes? the SMS is great and shows it like iChat. Visual voicemail is great. The scrolling feature is great. Safari is also great because it is not tooo slow in my area.


Accessories: I like the headphones because of the play pause, next song button which is helpful. It uses all ipod accessories but you might have to turn airplane mode on.

I haven't tried any bluetooth devices yet.


Wishes: Video recorder, to do list on iCal, 3G network but that probably wont come in this version, more ringtones.


Id give it

8.3/10 I hope software updates come soon.

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