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Embed an AppleScript with an AppleScript

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This Script below wont work for me. What am I doing wrong.


For example:

tell application "System Events"
set frontApp to name of first application process where frontmost is true
end tell

script "/Users/Neil/Library/Application Support/iPhone Remote/Apps/Uniremote.tapp/addons/Keynote/Play-Pause.scpt"


What do I need to do to make this script embed itself within this AppleScript? I get an error that says "Can't make script "/Users/Neil/Library/Application Support/iPhone Remote/Apps/Uniremote.tapp/addons/Keynote/Play-Pause.scpt" into type reference."


Also, is there a way to change the path where you see Keynote to whatever variable is set from "frontApp" in line 2?



Edited by Neil

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Have you tried this?


script "Macintosh HD:Users:Neil:Library:Application Support:iPhone Remote:Apps:Uniremote.tapp:addons:Keynote:Play-Pause.scpt"

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