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Mac Mail Questions

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Hello All,


I'm a long time Mac user, but just recently switched from Mac Entourage to Mac Mail. There are a couple of things in Mail that I driving me crazy and I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out.

1. When I reply to an email in Mail, my signature gets added at the very bottom of the email. Is there any way to have the signature inserted where I'm typing. It seems useless to me to have my signature at the bottom of a long thread of email replys because most users won't scroll to the bottom of the message and see it.

2. Is there any way to setup spell check to only check the parts that I typed. Again, on long threads I don't really need spell check to look through the entire message and point out things other people possibly mispelled (like an email address for example).


Thanks a lot!

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Hi streamcreative,


For the signature placement go to the Preferences (under Mail Menu) and click on the signatures icon along the top and make sure the box is checked besides: "Place signature above quoted text"


Don't think I can help with the spell checking issue, although these settings are found under the composing icon, maybe having a play there might help with a solution.

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