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I switched from 12 years of windows to the mac world about 3 months ago and have never looked back. I got sick of windows crashing, getting virus, booting and running slow, and other reasons. I bought a powermac G3 blue&white to see if I would like the mac world before spending too much money. After running the G3 I feel in love with OSX and bought a macbook C2D from the apple store. I got into the macbook so much that I created my first podcast and I'm craming as much info about macs into my head as fast as possible so I can help others who just switched or are looking at switching. So thanks Apple for all you do and for making the best OS ever.




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Welcome to the Mac. For someone who dealt with Windoze for a long time (I switched in the Win 98 Era, but still haven't been able to leave Windows totally) I feel you pain and feel like welcoming you. I will definitely check out your podcast, thanks for posting the link. Welcome, again, to the Mac, I hope you continue to enjoy it, and any questions or guidance you may need this is a great place to get just that.



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