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Getting on my PC network

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I'm trying to use the Network Assistant. I'm in a small office and we have cable internet brought to the building where it is networked to 7 stations, one of which is a server. I'm putting all the settings into the LAN "connect using a static IP address" window and nothing seems to be working, though the settings are the same that is on the PC in my office.


I have a "network administrator" coming in later today (who was here for an hour yesterday and couldn't figure it out), but I'd love to decipher this before he gets here.

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Unfortunately I'd need to know some more things about your setup to give any answers. Any more info you or the network guy can provide could help greatly. There are many things that can keep you from getting on a network. Mainly weather or not it is a windows server, as well as what types of protocols you are trying to use (internet or filesharing). Also, does your server support DHCP? If so you should give that a whurl. My battery is about to die so I've gotta post this before my MacBook dies.



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