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iPod Sound Level

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One of the coolest bits of attention to detail on the iPhone is this:


The phone remembers volume settings.


Say I'm playing sound through the speakers, adjusted to a level I like. Later, I plug in the headphones and adjust the sound. If I then remove the headphone plug, the sound level goes back to the setting I had when playing through speakers (if it's different). Plug the headset in again, and voila! The level goes back to the previous setting adjusted when the headphones were last plugged in.


But wait, it's even cooler than that! I use an audio jack in my car to play the phone through the audio system. The iPhone maintains a distinct THIRD setting for when it's plugged into the car's audio.


I conjecture that it's programmed to remember settings based on whether what's plugged in has 2 rings (car audio) or 3 rings (stock headset), or, of course, playing through the speakers.


Anyway, this is not only neat, but very convenient, as I don't have to think about fixing the volume every time I change how I'm listening.

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yea i noticed my macbook does that too when i switch from built in output to headphones.. which is nice because i dont blast my ears out when i plug in headphones.

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