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hard drive upgrade question

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Hey Gang, quick question. My mother has a iMac G4 (flatscreen) USB2.0 model that just had its hard drive completely die. Now, before you ask, no, nothing was backed up. The Apple geniuses will only put in another 80gig hd for $300+ (including labor). My mother has found a local guy who will put in a hd for about $100 but will then charge $125 for about 100 gig hd. That can't be right, can it (see newegg.com)? My question is what type of hard drive does the iMac G4 require so that I can get more bang for my buck when I ask the professional to install it. As an aside, my mother is having a professional install the new hard drive because, from what I have read, install a new hd in an iMac G4 (flatscreen) is darn near impossible; is this true? Thank you for your help. Cheers.

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The prices at new egg are always going to be much better than just about any retail type thing will offer. Though, I must admit that $125 for a 100 gb hard drive. Just this week Best Buy (my local one) had a 160 GB HD on sale for only 59.99. To answer your question, that machine takes an ATA 100 (sometimes called PATA, P is for parallel as opposed to the new SATA, S is for serial) hard drive. I'd look into ordering the HD from a site like new egg and then paying the guy to install it. I don't know if they'd work on Macs, but the Geek Squad guys (at Best Buy) can do a hardware install for $49. Just a thought.



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If you're going to do it, find a take apart guide an pay attention. The iMac G4 is a pain in the butt. You must reapply thermal paste every time the bottom housing is removed, and tighten the screws to a certain amount of torque. If you do not, you risk overheating. On top of that, I've just always found the drive cage really annoying to finagle out of there.

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