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Dialog Box / Menu Tip

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Anytime a Dialog Box or Menu item is followed by THREE DOTS (typographers' ellipsis) you can be assured it will take you to ANOTHER CHOICE.


For instance, after you've select all the text in a Post you're creating, you can then either RIGHT CLICK or CONTROL CLICK and see the pop up menu with sub menu choices.


Clicking on "Spelling" will give you three more choices. One will be "Spelling . . ." If you choose this, the spelling OPTION BOX will pop up so you can







or even switch to a different Dictionary.


It's the same with the common File Menu choice of "Print . . ." This will ALWAYS take you to more options.


The Rule Here

"Item . . " always takes you to another choice

"Item" is a direct action - many times it is permanent.


So after you write your posts, and BEFORE you send them, COMMAND + A (to select ALL), then CONTROL CLICK (to bring up the floating dialog box) and choose the Sub Menu under "Spelling" followed with the three little dots to access FULL SPELLING FEATURES!


P.S. you can Type an "ELIPSIS" by holding down the OPTION KEY and pressing the Semi Colon Button …

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