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Mac version-behind?

Mac version  

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  1. 1. Is Mac behind on updating their version?

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kensterator    0

Some of you may remember when macs were 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x. But I remeber the upgrades from each version really fast. But after 10 came out, it has been stuck on 10 for quite a while....wheres the 11? Therefore, I feel that they are behind, do you guys feel they are behind?

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Graham    1

I don't care what they call it as long as it remains the best operating system, and even though 10.4 has been out for a while, it still beats anything else with a rather large stick.

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Rob    0



All of the point updates to OSX, .1, .2, .3 (panther), .4 (tiger), and the soon to come .5, are equal to the version upgrades from OS 7 to OS 8 to OS 9.


Apple spent a great deal of time creating the OSX brand. They aren't going to throw it away every year or two by changing the number.


I don't think there will ever be an OS 11. Apple will keep OSX for a long time, and when they ever do an upgrade that changes everything we know about the Mac, they'll create a new brand for the OS (change the name completely).



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Neil    0

Ya, I thought they were eventually going to have a 11.0, as I figured their point system was a traditional system where .10 is equal 1 and .11 is really 1.1. So in theory there couldn't be a 10.10 as that would just be 10.1. But when they rolled out 10.4.10 (which would really be 10.4.1) I see that that is not the case.


If they do come out with OS 11 or OS XI, which I'm sure they eventually will, but it just sounds and looks weird. It would have to be a giant transition (like OS 9 to X). I'm sure that would be the multi-touch OS version. I just hope that they make it OS 11 and not OS XI... people call it OS X (as in the letter) and it kills me. It is officially OS Ten. Hearing OS X-EYE would make me go crazy. But I'm sure we would advance far enough where we can drag people into the trash can with finger gestures (how cool would that be? drag your garbage to the trash with your finger in the air.)

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macosx.4    0

I can see it now... in several years it will be 10.10 released on October 10th, then an update later to follow: 10.10.10. :P

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Iy42    0

As we saw with Vista, a new system isn't always a better system. I like Mac OS 1O and I'm not holding my breath for OS 11, but if Apple does come out with something better then that'll be great too.

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