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I will make your website for free!

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That's right, I'll make you a site for free! I'll make you a nice looking site that is cross platform compatible and uses nice clean code (no nasty tables here, no sir!).


You can see what I can do at http://grahamgilbert.com/portfolio.html. My background is as a computing student, but I've been making sites for over 10 years now and I've had many of my own sites through the years (look in my signature for some of my sites).


Since I'm doing this for free I do reserve the right to say no, but it's unlikely. All I ask for in return is that I can use the site in my portfolio page and that you write me a small testimonial blurb.





[edit] I suppose I ought to clarify one point here. I'm looking to make sites that will enhance my portfolio. A page about your dog won't do much to make prospective employers go "wow". Sorry about that.


[edit #2] Unfortunately I now have too much work to do with my final year of university and some paying work, so I can no longer do sites for free. If you want to pay me though, please feel free to get in touch :)

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