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iWork 08 questions

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Ok, i just started using iWork 08, mostly Pages, and so far its pretty neat, I would have loved to have Safari 3 style tabs in Pages, but all in all I like it.




You have to go to File > Export > Word to save as a word document in pages, when it should be at least in the Save As options, and there SHOULD be an option to have saving as word docs as default like Open Office does.

Is that possible?


No autosave or crash recovery? Really? If its there then its nowhere I can find it, and no application is so stable as to be above having crash recovery, ESPECIALLY an office suite.

Is there anyway to enable something like that?


In Word, with a table in the document, you could select the columns, and then have the columns autofit for the contents and makes everything all nice, so you don't have to manually go in there and monkey with trying to get everything the right size.

Is there a way to do this in Pages? The "Automatically resize to fit contents" box in the inspector is checked, but nothing is automatically resizing in any of the tables.


The format bar is really small, maybe its this 24' monitor, Ill have to see when i get home to my 19', but it seems rather small.

Zoom menu is on the bottom and I cant find a way to move it. Pretty minor, specially compared to no auto recovery, but I like having that kind of stuff on the top.

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First of all, it's not your 24" monitor. The format bar is really small on my 17". I installed the trial version, and don't plan to purhcase it. I don't like that the only way to save .doc files is to export them as such. Even files that are already .doc have to be exported as such. that doesn't make much sense to me. I find NeoOffice to be much easier and have a better layout. Alos I think pages shuld have 'Save', 'Print', 'New', etc in a standard format bar. I think Keynote is awesome but would be concerned that all the neat features would not translate in PowerPoint. Do they?

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Regarding the ability to not being to actually work in the .doc(x) format. Think of it like Photoshop, you can't save a file with layers as a PNG without flattening it or going to Save As. Same with iWork. It would be very stupid to work with a format that doesn't support iWork only functions. Try working on .ppt file and not being able to do a certain animation, ideally it would just not let you pick it, which would lead to support calls wondering why they can't do something that is advertised.


Some more examples of not being to work in the format you plan to export as, but seems to bother no one: can't actually work with a .mov file in iMovie, you have to make it a iMovie file then export it. You don't work with a DVD image in iDVD, you need to export to a DVD image to burn. Garageband needs to have a garageband file to do anything, even if you are just opening a audio file.


If you need to edit word document natively then try TextEdit. It is pretty powerful, when you ignore it's seemingly simple look. You can work in a page layout view, you can embed photos. It isn't super powerful, but it is fast. Or use NeoOffice if you prefer.


I could care less about having a save and open button in the toolbar. It just takes up space and time. It is much faster to hit command-s while I am typing instead of going to the file menu or toolbar.


Ya the formatting bar is thin, but I love it like that. Allows more room to actually work. Especially now that wide monitors have less of a vertical space. Have you tried Office 2007? That toolbar is takes up a huge amount of vertical space.


Keynote's usually loose a lot when they are exported. Obviously PowerPoint doesn't support a lot of those cool transitions and animations. The slides usually look pretty much the same (as long as the end result computer has the fonts that are used). If you really need to keep everything looking exactly the same, you can export as an _interactive_ QuickTime file. You can click through slide by slide, build by build, at your own pace with this special quicktime file. And it can be viewed just fine on windows computers with quicktime. I do it this was all the time and never have problem. I get all the ooohs and ahhs that you expect from people who have never touched Keynote.

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Good points. I'm only griping because I don't think my wife (who's in school right now) would adjust to using Pages. I was succesfully able to get her to use NeoOffice in place of MS Office. With NeoOffice she'll at least be able to save files to .doc or .ppt format sans much tinkering. NeoOffice can be set to save them by default. Perhaps I'll use iWork and she can use NeoOfice. :D

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