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Cant Find Maccast feed in iTunes?

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I cant seem to find the Maccast feed in itunes, all i can find is the enhanced maccast and the maccast loop.


can someone provide a link to the subscribe in itunes (the itunes link on the homepage is for the enhanced version, i just want the standard version)


or have i missed something and has Adam stopped publishing the standard version?


I appreciate your help and advice.


Dinger :)

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just subscribe to http://www.maccast.com/rss.xml in itunes. the enhanced one ends with "erss.xml"


Thanks, I have not subscribed to a podcast like that in iTunes before but it seems to have done the trick. ;)

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I remember that Adam has explained that the enhanced feed is the only feed available in iTunes, because most people download the enhanced version, and highly appreciate the enhanced version. You can still download the MP3 version, but only through a separate RSS feed. I assume this is to avoid confusion when people find the macCast in iTunes for the very first time.

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