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gmail- outging problems in Apple Mail

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I setup a gmail account. I followed the directions at gmail for setting up the account in Apple Mail (v2.1). I can successfully receive mail through Apple Mail, but when I try to send mail I get the message "cannot send message using the server smtp.gmail.com


I have deleted the account in Apple Mail and set it up again, still carefully following the instructions. Browsing gmail help I saw a suggestion to change the port in the setup to 25, still didn't work. I have set the account up on my PowerBook G4, my eMac, and my husband,s new MacBook. All with the same results.


Anyone seen this problem and know of a fix?


Thanks in advance for any help on this,



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What port did you have it on before? Chances are your ISP is blocking the outgoing mail.


Try changing the outgoing port to 587 and enable SSL. Those settings allowed me to bypass my ISPs crappy outgoing mail blocking.


If that still doesn't work, set up the outgoing mail server as your ISPs mail server and setup the authentication for the ISP account, if their not complete morons (like my ISP is, which doesn't allow it) then you can send mail through their servers even if its from a different email domain as long as you authenticate (which is most likely the norm).

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I agree that changing the port to 587 and enable SSL should do the trick.

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Good luck. My previous ISP blocked all other domain mail from going through their servers, SSL or not.


You may end up having to use the web client for Gmail.

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