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Birddog Software...help!

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I am hoping there is someone out there that use the BirdDog Software at their company. My company uses it and I have to say it's nothing but trouble. When i say that everyone is very unhappy with it I am not exaggerating. They are basically stuck with them due to the fact that they use "Macola" for the accounting and until they transition to another database the options are limited as to what they can use as an ALL around hub. In any case, my question is in regards to HTML and Birddogs guidelines. It seems that I can't get any answers from them and I am trying to upload simple HTML documents and it's hit and miss every-time. I don't know if anyone is using it and has knows any tips or tricks. Any help is appreciated. Sorry for the crazy rant. ;-)




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We've been with BD since 2005 - Our site went live in 8/06. We haven't had the best time dealing with them. We've had to resort to throwing a tantrum several times to get things done and questions answered. Not fun. Exact has assured us that other providers will be coming online soon that support e-commerce/macola... competition will be good.


I'm no code jockey but I have learned a few tricks in the past year or so for uploading HTML pages into the categories:


1. copy all your code into a PC's "notepad" app. This will clean out the code's odd characters.

2. Copy the code from Notepad into the category's HTML Text tab. There will probably be more cleaning neccessary - especally for pages containing a lot of text formatting. BD's HTML engine sucks. It can't handle large pages without freaking out...

3. Keep it simple - if it doesn't all need to be on one page - don't put it all there.


I hope this helps.


You aren't using BD with a MAC are you?

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