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The Center City Philadelphia Macintosh Users Group is currently in need of help in maintaining their existing infrastructure. Specifically, the following areas are in need:

  • Raffle / Promotion Organization: We are currently seeking individuals to help us maintain and respond to the large amounts of email inquiries that we receive from various companies as well as contacting new companies to request help with upcoming presentations. Promotional materials are a large part of our monthly meetings and having a strong support will help us greatly.
  • Bloggers: We have an open blog available for anyone who wishes to write. Our web site, on average, receives approximately 16k to 18k hits per month (which is very good for a regional non-profit computer group). If you would like to write on any subject (so long as it's not illegal or adult in nature and has something to do with computers and/or Macintoshes) please contact me immediately.
  • Newsletter Editor(s): Our newsletter really needs to be taken to the next step and we are looking for that person who has the drive and the creativity to do it. The more available we make our content, the stronger we are as a group.
  • Web Site Content Administrator(s): Maintaining links and event dates on our web site can become quite a task for just one person so we are branching out and asking for help. As mentioned above, our web site see approximately 16k to 18k of hits per month and we would definitely like to increase that. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get their feet wet with web development.
  • Video Tutors: This is a brand new idea that we are hoping will take off. If you would like to help create simple "novice/intermediate" level video tutorials on Macintosh-related subjects, please contact me. We have the studio and the equipment available to shoot a low-budget video and I believe this will help the members greatly.
  • Podcaster(s): We would definitely like to get a podcast started for the group, but we are unsure of the focus yet (maybe a post-meeting wrap-up?). If you would like to help get a brand new podcast started or have some great ideas to share, then we'd love to hear from you!
  • Product Reviewers: We have the potential of receiving a large amount of review products but unfortunately, we don't have anyone to review them. We need people who are diligent and time-sensitive who want to review products (that they will receive FOR FREE in most cases). If this sounds like you, please contact me.
  • Group Promotions: Obviously a large part of a non-profit group is getting our name out to the public. We are looking for ambitious people who can help us promote the name and the goal of the group using any means necessary (within the legal limitations of course). If you would like to help create advertisements, promotions and promotional materials please contact us immeadiately!

While this is a NON-PAYING gig for a NON-PROFIT group (as in nobody who works with/for the group gets paid including myself), we are offering anyone who helps us on a regular basis free access to our meetings as well as our monthly raffles (excluding yearly member raffle items). Come be part of something truly great in the Center City area. There is a LOT of potential for this group, but we need the right people to help us make that happen!

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