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Skype trashed my laptop

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Here is something truly bizarre...


Don't do this, I've duplicated it on two laptops - both MacBook Pros. You WILL trash your laptop.

If someone knows how or why this happened I would be interested.


Start a Skype video chat with someone at full screen...

Connect the laptops DVI-VGA to a projector

After your Skype video chat is finished, close the laptop lid to end the call


When you open the lid (off stage) you get the spinning beach ball, and you can't force quit.

Reboot the MacBookPro (CTRL-Apple-Power)


When the machine boots, it will grey screen for sometime, then you will get the firmware screen prompting you to type 'mac-boot', that doesn't work.


There are other commands to reset the NVRAM from firmware, but nothing will get the OS to boot.


If this were a PC, I would say that the MBR is corrupted.


Booting from a system disk doesn't work either.


The laptop is at Apple for repair, though it's a mystery on how it got this way.


:blink: Any takers?


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Thanks for warning us, I think we should all stay from Skype video all together until this is fixed. That is an extremely serious bug, one that can slab your laptop!

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