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iPod Music Link for Honda Cars/Trucks

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I recently purchased a 2007 Honda Element, and seperately purchased the iPod Music Link adapter (a Honda factory product) for the car. I was skeptical to but this because there was a long-time supposed interaction issue between the device and different iPods. The dealership refused to install the product, saying the support and compatibility was "flaky"...so I did it myself. I have to say, it wasn't the hardest install I've ever done, but it took about 4-5 hours. (Beer breaks were a factor in the time length.)


Low and behold, my efforts were not in vain. It worked with my 30GB iPod 5.5 Generation iPod.






I'm not going to go into great detail of the install (since this is a Mac forum), but someone posted a good review on nuxx.net (http://nuxx.net/wiki/Honda_Music_Link_iPod_Adapter_Review) for anyone interested. The Music Link comes with Honda TTS (Text-To-Speech) software that you can install on a Mac or a PC, which creates spoken audio playlists...it's a little clunky, but it's ok. Unfortunately, it doesn't display track information on the factory head unit...but it still works without any major modifications.


Just wanted to let you guys know, in case anyone was thinking of purchasing one. I will be testing my girlfriend's 2GB iPod Nano tonight, and my iPod Touch (when it comes in I'll update the post).

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