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To wait for G3 or not to wait that is the...?

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I am thinking I will hold off getting my iPhone until G3 is available in the UK




What are the chances of the iPhone being launched G3 ready?


I am interested in your views

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I'm in the UK also - and I'd love to have an iPhone, and I may have trouble stopping myself buying one! So what I've decided to do is buy an iPod touch for now, and wait for the next gen iPhone to be released. Then I'll get the phone and probably sell the Touch. I guess I'm just a sucker for a nice interface!


I really want more than just 3G - I want GPS too, and a better camera. I'll wait and see what next year brings...

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I think that 3g will come to the uk before the usa as the coverage of 3g is better here than in the usa, for % of population.


if they don't announce by the 28th when the Iphone will be released it will be a ipod touch of me, and hack it and put on email and todo apps, then it will fulfil my needs.


I think the Iphone will come to the Uk in early oct to save everybody from buying a ipod touch!

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