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I started my blog only recently, and then was inspired to take on another project. A sort of Mac Blog index site. Featuring bloggers, links for switchers, recources, tutorials. There isn't any money making thing involved if you publish a podcast, or a Blog that is Mac/Apple/OSX related, email me, or go to the site, and fill out the form. It's in it's in very early stages...beware. LOL. Anyway. thanks alot check my blog out at http://blog.morrisonfeed.net and the new site is www.macfeed.net .

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Hey everyone who doesn't care. lol. MacFeed.net is up and running, in a fairly simple form, i'll admit. But look forward to a more unique presentation in the future. Anyway, I am glad to join the MacGeek blog-o-sphere. I am open to comments, suggestions and of course material contribuition.

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