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iPod touch dilemma

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I've been waiting for quite some time for a "convergence" device that would fit my needs, and though the new products this year are very cool, they don't seem to quite fit the bill.

the iPhone is great, I'd say worth all the hype, however, I tend to steer away from data plans since I don't use them much at all, certainly not enough to warrant the extra cost. however, with the iPhone, this is all moot- you will get the data plan, so says the AT&T. Ok, so another $20 on top of my plan, maybe... Then, the cool 25% off plan I get through my employer will go bye bye because AT&T gives you the cool tax for owning an iPhone. then there is apple's stance on the matter- Apple will brick your phone if you unlock it to use in the way you want, so says the Apple. Sorry, iPhone is out of the picture, great product, but I don't like what the people who own my iPhone deem is appropriate for it. And no, paying $400 for the iPhone is not proof of ownership when the creator and service company i use it through have that much control over my siny new iPhone, so I guess between all that and the doubling of my monthly rate it seems a safe bet that the iPhone is not the product for me. don't get me wrong, i can see how it would be cool for many, just not me.

So then the iPod touch comes out, another way cool device, but again, I want "convergence" device. i want to be able to edit calendar items, view files, and do other PDA type functions, but the ipod touch doesn't allow for this, at least not out of the box, I guess because Apple doesn't want it to be too "iPhone-like."

So here I sit, looking for a device that will do all of the low level computing things i want to do (internet, email, read files, etc) but without a monthly cool tax that doubles what I already pay, and I'm wondering, is such a thing really out of reach still?

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Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?




It very well could be. i'd have to learn about it though first. Still, having to wait possibly nearly another year, ugh... kinda hard when I've already been waiting nearly 5 already. Oh well, I'll have to wait to see more.

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hi if you need a phone then get the iphone if you want an iphone without the phone get the ipod touch. I personaly have the touch im using it right now and i love it. So now that apple is alowing developers make native apps well the choices are even harder to make between the two.

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