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Help with Proxy Servers

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I work for both a University and a hospital. The University has a proxy server that I can log into from any machine on the internet and gain access to the University network services. This works great at home.


However when I am in the hospital, I cannot log onto the University Proxy server. I know that the hospital uses M$ ISA and presumably this is blocking me.


Is there a way that I can get access to the University network from hospital?


If I do get access to the University proxy server, will I then be able to go to other sites that my hospital network blocks (e.g. eBay!!)?


Thanks for your help, I know this isn't exactly a Mac specific question, but you guys have always been helpful in the past!

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More info required. Does your Uni run an http proxy? And do you authenticate to it?


Perhaps run LittleSnitch on your Mac to reveal what outbound connections on what ports are being attempted when you connect to your proxy.


If, for example, you do authenticate on 443 (https) and the hospital ISA is blocking outbound connections on 443 you could (A) speak to Uni admins and ask if authenticating over 80 is an option or (B) run an SSH or VPN server at home and login to the Uni proxy via your home network. SSH can be configured to run on any port, so you should be able to set it up and login to it from hospital.


Or perhaps connections to the IP addresses in your Uni's range are being blocked, in which case speak to the hospital admins and ask to permit connections to that specific IP address. Again connecting via a third server (e.g. at home) may solve this problem.


Find out what the ISA rules are and then try to circumvent them.


NB. There may even be some 'priveledged' IP addresses on your hospital LAN (usually used by the admins). Try manually configuring your IP address at the hospital (rather than relying on DHCP) and maybe you can find one!

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