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Chapters not working on my ipod

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My ipod (3rd gen) doesn't do chapters anymore... It did before iTunes 7... The chapters show up in iTunes, just not on the iPod. Doubly annoying is the fact that it won't remember the playback position either...


Any ideas people?


My commute was perfect before this....





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Sadly, I don't have a solution for you only more complaints to add.


I have a 5.5G iPod and when playing audiobooks that I have ripped into one long file, the iPod will just stop playingand go back to the main menu. When I sync, I see that a play count has been added for that track. Weird. It never happens in iTunes.


Regarding your specific issue, does your iPod not display chapter breaks at all or is it just not listing the chapter titles? I've noticed on my iPod that the chapter titles only show up when I'm in scrubbing mode and then they only show up for enchanced podcasts or purchased audiobooks. It would be much more helpful if the chapter title were always visible. hI'd be curious to see if any of this been changed with the new iPods.

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