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How do I assign static IP addresses

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I just can not seem to figure out how to do this on my own and before I have my client pay someone to come out and do it for 125.00 an hour I thought I would try one last time to research it here. I feel dumb that I can't figure this out. I just never had the need to do it before now.


I am helping a client set up a small office for his medical facility. We have 2 iMacs and a laser printer. I need to assign static IP addresses to the network printer and the 2 iMacs. There is also a PC with an Xray reader that needs to have a static IP as well. A tech has already come out and done that part. We have picked out a list of IPs we would like to use and picked a number for each device.


For example: (not actual IPs for security)

iMac 1=

iMac 2 =

Printer =

Xray machine PC =

WRT54G router =


I have tried googling this and found tutorials on how to do it in the System Prefs on the Mac and I think if I type in the IP from the printer's config page into Safari, something in there will let me assign an IP but I can not figure out what needs to be done on the Linksys rounter config page and where to plug in what numbers. I have tried to monkey around with this in my home office because it's basically the same setup as my client's office with the 2 Macs, but when I change the IPs in my syst prefs and then try to assign static IPs on the router's config page, I lose my internet connectivity and have to go back and reset everything. The other problem is that my client's office has no internet connectivity until next week when construction will be finished so I won't have a way to test out what I did to see if I did it right. I was told by someone else that I can assign static IP addresses without having internet, but I can't figure out how to do it.


I just don't know what I'm doing wrong or I'm missing a step. The Linksys website is never a help to me because either it's down, too slow (I'm impatient) or the help I can manage to find is for Windows only.


Also, I saw there was a firmware update for the model I have, version 8, but I've read mixed reviews about applying it. One post said that it will work if you have static IP addresses assigned to your computers so that is another reason why I'd really like to learn how to do this on my own because then I could do it at home too for added security. Has anyone done this with the same type of router and would have screen shots they could share of how they set it up?


I have a 1 skitch invite left if that would help! I would just like to see screen shots of the Linksys config page showing me what numbers to plug in where. I swear I'm not trying to be lazy, just at a loss and maybe someone else has already been through this.


Thanks in advance!

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You just change the IP to static in the Macs system preferences, nothing needs to be done on the router unless you really want to change the router's IP address.


What probably happened is that when you changed it you left out the entries for Router: and DNS Servers:


So with those numbers, on iMac 1 in the network system preferences:



iMac 2 would look the same, except its IP address would be .12 instead of .10


If you want to change the IP address of the router (not sure why, but just incase):

You would change the area that says Local IP Address (bad quality pic, but I dont have a linksys router handy).


Thats on the main page that comes up when you log into the router btw.

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Thanks so much! You're right, I had left out the router and DNS fields. It works now. Yay!


Thanks very much!


What probably happened is that when you changed it you left out the entries for Router: and DNS Servers:

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Some routers (including the Airport Extreme G) allow use of the DHCP with manual address option. I find this to be ever so slightly easier. Plus if I ever found a second router that supported DHCP with manual address I could just switch networks.



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