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Not that i hate Steve Jobs but...

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Well, my brother is studying for a degree in computer science (he is now in the final year).

Anywho whilst reading around some of his reading materials (their author etc) he made a nice discovery. Oh and for anyone innocent it has one swear word in the entire thing (second link).


So go here first:



[ see the first paragraph of history ]



Then head over here and read all of it:





He he, i'm mean steve reading 3 volumes+ of algorithms. Hmm unlikely

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Well, if you say "Good morning," does that really mean you think it is a good morning, or do you say that just out of habit? Perhaps "You're full of shit," simply means "I don't believe you." And "I've read all your books," simply means "I think you're an interesting person." I can't imagine if you'd say "You're full of shit," you actually mean "You are filled with excrement." Nor can I imagine that "I've read all your books," means "I have read all the books you have published." It is just a figure of speech, just like "Good morning."

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yeah i think it's clear it's funny, never say something you don't mean. Let the lesson be learnt.

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