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SideTrack make your one button track pad useful.

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If you have a Powerbook or iBook, and really miss having more buttons, or a scroll wheel (or scroll ball at this point) then Side Track is for you. Side Track (ST) is an alternate driver for your track pad. It allows you to map the corners as buttons and the edges as scroll bars. It's a clean install that does require a reboot to load things but once it's installed you set things up in System Preferences.


ST, once installed, adds a lot of the functions that you would expect from a multi-button mouse driver. You can adjust the normal pointer functions like expected (acceleration and double click speed, pad tap ect.. ). Then this is where the fun begins, ST allows you to assign all four corners to button clicks, key strokes, or nothing at all. Also you can assign the four edges as scroll areas that act like a scroll wheel for vertical as well as horizontal scroll.


The only issue that I can even think of about this is that I cant find any drag locking offered for the virtual buttons. This is not really an issue for me but is would be a really nice feature to have. Also if you are really trying to get the dual finger scrolling feature in the new Powerbooks and iBooks, this is not a solution, if you want that there is a project that solves this, though I have not tried it ( iScroll2 http://www-users.kawo2.rwth-aachen.de/~raz...zfazz/iscroll2/ )


Not much else to say about it other then it's price, totally worth the $15. It's nag-where so you don't have to pay for it but you really should support your developers.


Just like my previous review, you get Pros and Cons:


- you get to have a 5 button trackpad

- you get to have a dual scroll trackpad

- you don't have to lug a mouse around any more

- it's only $15



- If you need virtual button drag locking, I cant find it.

- not a two-finger scrolling solution.


Download here:


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I just wanted to say that I used to use SideTrack, but now I use the iScroll2 that you mention. The only functionalirty that I wanted to add to my computer was scrolling. SideTrack was able to do this pretty well, and I even customized the top and bottom corners on the right side of the pad to scroll to the top and bottom of whatever page I was on. It was a pretty good solution. However, when I found iScroll2, I enjoyed it even more. It got me used to the two-finger scrolling, which is a little more Mac than the side scrolling. Also, I didn't need all the extra features that SideTrack used. And, finally, iScroll2 is freeware, which is a big deal to me.


I did enjoy using SideTrack very much, and now I've been using iScroll2 for awhile. Both programs are great, and your choice should depend on your needs specifically.

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