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Music library lmessed up, need help!

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Hi I have music on an internal drive and an external drive.


I had to move music around on my external drive. It has over 80K songs on it ( Yes i am a DJ if you ask why).


Now ive got ! for thousands of songs as youve guessed. Problem is, i am sure i will have thousand more for the ones i havent played.


My question is, how can i remove any and all of the songs in itunes that related to my EXTERNAL drive. I dont care about play count and my tags on the songs are good in my mp3s.


I can always regenerate my album art..


Please help.

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Have you tried consildating your library? Maybe that would take away the ! and you wouldn't need to actually delete anything from iTunes. In the Menu Bar just go to Advanced - Consolidate Library.


Or are you meaning that you have duplicates of songs now? Entries for songs on your internal drive and another entry for the songs when it used to be on your external drive. If this is the case, I don't know of any way to sort by location of file. I think you just have to go through manually and delete the entries for the external drive.

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