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AppleStudio Photography and Spondicious

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B) The blogs are not specifically about the Mac but I use my Macs to make the images and make the blogs. I have a PowerPC Mac Mini and a 17in iMac. I use the Mac Mini for the general stuff and then I use the iMac for the Photography - Photoshop and Aperture stuff. I sometimes make podcasts of the audio and video kind and I have a sweet little mixing deck with a huge Behringer condensor mic attached. I'll tell you more about the Podcasting later.


B) First of all I have the Spondicious Photography site on which I give a log about how I do things with selling my photos online through the Microstock sites. So far with a small portfolio of under 400 images I have had about 40 sales. It is not the best of portfolios for selling images as I don't have enough pictures of people. It consists mainly of Landscapes and product photos with some variety. What I need is a selection of people photos doing business type things. Well thats what I will be doing for the winter.


B) Recently I bought a Wacom Intuos 3 table wide format to use with my iMac. It was a bit costly - about 400 euro but worth every cent. I use it now in preference to the nice Mac mouse I have connected. It really makes its mark when I am editing my images in Photoshop, you have to try one to appreciate the control you get over everything to do with Photoshop. It got even better when I saw a video tutorial online recently showing me how to set up the pressure sensitivity. I think I saw that over at Photoshopusertv.com. I should check that out if you are a Photoshop user, the videos have some good tips hung together by the 3 twits that present it. I usually download the show and cut out the bits I don't want in Quick Time.


B) Seeing as I was having some success with selling my digital photos using the MicroStock sites ( You can see which ones on the Spondicous Site) I thought it would be good to make a site of my own AppleStudio Photography to sell direct. So I have made a site based on the CMS Joomla software. I used Joomla because I was able to integrate the VirtueMart shopping cart so that I can get payments. So far I have only set it up for PayPal but in time I may get some other payment options set up.


B) I have just set up a forum on the AppleStudio site too. Thats the nice thing about Joomla, the fact that it is so easy to add bits too it, components, modules and templates. I would like to be able to pass on information in the same way that David Hobby does of Strobist about using cheap strobes (flash guns) to light your photos like a professional. Chase Jarvis does something similar too, excellent action photography. So have a look in at AppleStudio Photography and maybe I will have something there for you even if it is a link to somewhere else for you to find a resource to do with photos.


B) Call in and have a look at the photos I have on there too. You don't have to buy you can just look if you like.


B) One last note - If anyone wants to know how to set up a site like mine, with Joomla at the core and with a shopping cart, then ask me whatever you like and I will help if I can.


David Allen


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