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Apple Matt

Neat Dock Reduction using stacks

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Well, this may be a simple one but I thought I'd mention it in case anyone wants to play.


Before Leopard I had loads and loads of icons on my dock, I use quite a fair few programs. Now stacks has come my way I've neatened up my dock a LOT.


Simple as pie all i did was create several folders within my Aplications folder named after catagories I wanted to split my programs into, I currently have:








Then I popped an alias of each of the programs I use regually in each catagory in the relevent folder. Finally I removed pretty much every icon from my dock and just added the folders onto the dock as stacks. I set them all to grid stacks and hey, there you are. Organised dock with less icons



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yea this is a good idea.. i find it rather interesting though that most people are just now starting to do this with stacks. i already did this, but it was just a menu, no fancy eye candy. honestly i think i like the list better. i could put all my apps in one "stack" and scroll through them all. theres no way to do that with stacks.. but i guess i just have to reorganize them a little and get used to it.


speaking of the dock and less eye candy, if you dont like the 3d dock, type this into the terminal:


defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES




killall Dock

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Or you could get rid of all but the essentials from your dock and use quicksilver for the rest.

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I don't have Leopard (still not sure I really want it) but I've read a lot about it already.


How is Stacks different than just putting a folder in the Dock with Tiger?


I have my Applications folder in the Dock for the apps I don't use all that much. When I click and hold on the folder in the Dock, the list of contents appears and I can scroll thru to launch what I want.


What am I missing about Stacks?


Thanks folks.

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Stacks are prettier? I just have my Inbox folder in there. It bounces when a download finishes, which is a nice touch. Not sure if the advantage in this case though...

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