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Shift-apple-K broken?

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Recently, I had to install a new harddrive in my 12 in G4 powerbook. Since then, when I try and connect via airport to my desktop by using the keyboard shortcut (shift-apple-K), nothing happens other than the "Go" menu flashes. To reach the shared drive in my desktop, I have to click on my powerbook drive icon, and then on the network icon to see the shared drive under the network icon. If I use the shift-apple-K combo when the harddrive window is open, the shared drive icon is replace by another network icon to the right of the right of the network icon - and the right network icon does not link to the network drive. I have a clean install of 10.4 which is updated to 10.4.10. I tried re-applying the updater but there was no change in the behavior. Something is broken with the networking but I can't seem to find what is different compared to before I replaced the HD, when shift-apple-K would link to the network drive.



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