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How do I set up the network so I can see other computer with lepoard

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:( I have just bought a MacBook with Lepoard and an Airport Extreme. I installed a hub to the USB port and connected the printer and a HD. I can see the HD and use the printer. According to the video on Lepoard I should be able to see all the computers on the network and if I select one can input the password for the computer and be able to share files. I cannot see any of the other computers on the network. Note: I have not been sucsessful at seting up shared folders with my previous router and have not attempted to set these up with this router. Can someone please provide me info on how to make this feature work. Thanks Russ2300

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go into sharing in system preferences on all the computers you want to share and make sure that you have file sharing enabled. and/or whatever else you want, like screen sharing. if they are windows computers there is also a place to enable file sharing, and i think on windows, by default, you have to modify the firewall to get it to work.. i've always had trouble with that. but if you're using a couple macs on an airport extreme, it should be a no brainer. just make sure you have file sharing enabled, and any firewall exceptions you might need. check in security preferences to change firewall settings. you probably wont need to do that, but just so you know where it is.

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