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Creating an admin user after initial setup

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Is there a difference between the admin user that is initially created when you first set up your Mac and an admin user you create at a later time? The reason I ask is because my every-day user account is the initial admin user I created when I first set up my MBP but what I want to do is change my everyday account to a Standard user, not Admin because they say it's not good joo joo to work in admin mode all the time. So, if I create another account and call it something else, oh say, admin for example, then can I change my main everyday account to standard mode so I can protect myself from any nasties that might develop someday like malware, viruses, etc.? I am just wondering if doing this will screw up permissions and if there is a difference between admin users when you create them like is only the initial admin account truly thee admin account with God-like privelages that other admin accounts don't posess?


I use my MBP for demonstrations and teaching as well as consulting so I do have a few other standard user accounts set up so that when I go to show someone something, my personal account settings don't need to change. I have my own user all tweaked just the way I like it but when I go to do a demonstration, a lot of time what I need to demonstrate is how to set that stuff up so I have a demo user set up that I keep pretty much at the basic default settings and prefs. For one of my clients, I have a user set up that closely matches the settings I have on the Mac I set up for them to use so when they call me for phone support I can log in to that user and walk them through a process and we're both looking at the same thing.


I also have a kid-friendly user set up for my 1 yr old for times when he just HAS to play with my MBP. I switch over to that user and then sit with him and we play with TuxPaint or AlphaBaby or Starfall. This way I can teach him how to respect the computer and he gets the satisfaction of exploring something he wants to know more about.


Anyhow, that is my reasoning for having different users set up and how I like to maintain some sense of order on my MBP so I'm hesitant to just create a new admin user and switch mine to standard mode for fear of screwing all the other users up.


Anyone know if there is a difference or if doing this will have negative consequences for me?




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Just make a new admin user and switch your own account to a standard user and you'll be fine. All you need to remember is to type in the admin username and password instead of your own when you're asked for it (installing apps etc).

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cool. Thanks. I thought it was the same thing but wasn't sure and thought I'd ask before I make the change.

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