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Remote desktop access

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Ok. I'm at work on my lunch break so I decided to log onto my macbook and make sure the torrents that are running are going ok and maybe addone I forgot to add (I'm downloading Heroes if anyone is wondering, i bought S1 on iTunes but seen as NBC aren't playing ball they don't get my cash any more [at least until the S2 DVDs get released in the UK anyhow]). Anyway, the important thing is my macbook is over 10 miles away, on my bookcase at home.


Want to be able to do this?


Well, there are many ways to do it (maybe if there's an easier way people could reply to this post and suggest) but I use logmein.com

It works for windows based machines as well as macs (althoutgh I find their mac client faster). All you have to do is sign up for a free account and then sign up each machine as a machine on your account from the machine itself (and download a small program). Then you can have a virtual desktop of that machine from anywhere else on the web as long as the machine is on and connected to the net. You have to type in a password for your account AND a passowrd for each specific machine too but it's fast enough.


You can also get a paid account which allows you to do things like direct file transfers and stuff but I've never seen the need to bother.


Anyhow, just a heads up, I'm sure a few of you know about it but i thought I'd share.

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