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Comment spam makes commenting hard

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Have you ever posted a comment to a blog article, and found that your message disappeared after you'd pressed the Post button? That seems to be caused by very restrictive spam filtering. Bloggers get lots of comment spam, which mostly consists of links to "shady websites".


Comment spam is a nuissance, and most bloggers prefer to filtering them out. However, spam is now so bad, and spammer phrase their messages so cleverly, that comments you or I post get filtered out as well. I sent an email message to a famous podcaster, complaining about this, and his answer was that he was very sorry, but that he got over 65,000 caught spam messages in the last two months. His suggestion was to send my comment by email if it happened to me again, and he'd put it in the comments section manually.


So comment spam has become so bad now, that it even overshadows email spam. Email spam blockers are probably more sophisticated, so spammers are looking for their next target. It is costing bloggers a lot of time (and money, because of bandwidth concerns) to clean things up (or have it clean up for them).


The Internet is so broken at this moment. And it is going to get much worse before it gets better.


And you know what the next spam target will be? Audio spam, by producing RSS feeds and putting spam audio messages in it. An audio search engine will pick it up, and convert the audio into text, so people can find the spammed messages.


I have someone will find a failsafe way to restore communication between people through the Internet, and excluding those annoying spammers. If this happens, people will soon forget about this phenomena, and think of spam as something you can eat.

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