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My Podcasting Setup (updated)

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I'm still a little confused about the need for a separate server apart from a hosted blog to hold the mp3's, but maybe Libsyn is the answer for that???


It doesn't seem that anyone responded to this, so I'll jump in with my 2cents.


I also host my podcast episodes with Libsyn, even though my podcast's website is with a conventional hosting service. The reason for this is I have an unnatural "fear" of getting a sudden, huge surge in downloads. That would be a terrific thing in terms of popularity, but if I was hosting the mp3s on my regular site I could get an unpleasant bandwidth bill. Libsyn is great in that the bandwidth is unlimited (!). No matter how many downloads I get, the price is fixed. That lets me sleep at night.


Libsyn is also good in that the uptime and performance of the servers are very good. Their included stats system is weak though, but complex stats is not why I chose them.


-- Jack "Uncontrolled Airspace podcast" Hodgson

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Here is my audio setup for VOip and production of audio for my home made DVDs


Tapco Link.usb

Behringer c-3 condenser mic.


I spent 230 euros with such setup + cables following the advices of the seller in a well considered professional audio shop.

I didn't want to spend not more that 200 euros but this setup sounds much better than a quality headset.


The major advantage of tapco is that is simple and includes a very nice software package Traktion2. Is a quite different of Garaband but is extremely powerful.

In my test I still need to improve the sound quality by including a pop filter and play with the compressor/gate setting in-software.





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