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Good "Virtual Paper" Application

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Does anyone know of a good program for me to jot down notes with my Wacom graphics tablet and have them all in one place? I suppose I'm looking for a OneNote alternative, but without the handwriting recognition and all the big organization features. I just want something that allows me to write down things on "virtual pieces of paper" I guess. Word's Notebook thing is sorta what I want (as you can freehand write on that, but it is too slow and not really geared towards graphic tablet use.



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Ya, it does, but that's not what I'm looking for. I don't want to take notes in a tiny panel and have saved jpegs of those lying all over the place. I would use Ink to actually convert what I write to text, but 1) it sucks at handwriting recognition (it's really pathetic), and 2) it is a hassle to mix converted text and diagrams.


I basically want something like Circus Ponies Notebook or Mori, but instead of managing text documents I want it to manage hand drawn things (and still be able to write/draw on them later). It doesn't even have to have great page management.


Right now, drawing diagrams with Ink's panel and dragging those into Mori is looking like the most effective thing, but again, once it is saved out, you can't draw on it again (not wit Ink at least).

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