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MacApper.com hacked into for 'excessive Apple fanboism'

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Hi MacGeeks, thought I'd turn your attention to something I've just come across.


In a malicious act of online terrorism, the great site MacApper.com, which keeps Apple users up to date with current shareware applications has been hacked into by someone who calls themselves 'malcor'.


The site has been turned black, accompanied only by brief white text and a still of rotten apples. The text reads 'This website has been flagged for excessive Apple fanboism, and has been taken down for 24 hours. This is a message to the rest of the Mac community, so listen up. Ever heard of hubris? Tone it down, and you will not be attacked. Everyone else is open game.'


Clicking on the image actually links to his blog where 'malcor' talks from behind a mask of rotten apple photographs, warning of how a an Apple site with 'an unhealthy obsession with pretty Mac apps' will be attacked. Here: http://malcor.blogspot.com/


I feel this is outrageous and should not be tolerated by the Mac community as a whole.


What do you guys think?

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I think that we all too easily get worked up by platform wars. We, as Mac fans, become very defensive of our computers; a devotion to computers only rivaled (and probably surpassed) by the Linux guys. I agree that this type of [expletive deleted]ish behavior is unacceptable and juvenile. We need to be the bigger people on this, if we retaliate in kind then we look no better than them and do not further our cause.


Another quick point, if these 1337 haxorz really want to make a point, putting something like that on an Apple fan site is not exactly the audience who will give your point any credence whatsoever. Perhaps they should have picked a bitter venue for their evil hate crap.



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I think... pretty much what Tom said. Lets try to be adults.

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It's all been outed as a hoax guys...

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