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I was using a new program the other day doing some page layout. I knew that there would be a group option, but I didn't know where. "Never fear," I thought to my self, "you have leopard, try searching in the help menu." I typed "group" and then the correct menu appeared with a blue arrow indicating where the menu item was. I was so excited I smiled and let out a little laugh. I even forgot where the menu item was I was so elated and had to search again. I used that feature so many times in that endeavor and I know it would have taken much longer without that feature. This is just my little love story and how I thought leopard was a minor upgrade that I had to wait a long time for and ended up being one of the best feature upgrades in OS X history. Now if I could just have a little of that stability I had with Tiger I'd be all set (but hey, it's still more stable than Vista).



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yes i love this feature too. i used it just the other day when trying to view the full header of an email in Mail. i didnt even know it was in the menu's, but there was a view option there i didnt know about.

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