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Some DVDs come with digital copies!..?..(:-/

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I was at Wallyworld this morning checking out the new DVD releases. I noticed that there were two versions of Live Free or Die Hard, one plain DVD (movie only) and one slightly higher priced DVD with bonus features. Looking a little closer the bonus features include a digital version to copy and run from your computer.


I don't see this on the ITMS just yet, but it will probably be up there soon for the standard fare. The enhanced DVD runs $8 more. One thing though, the digital version that runs from your computer is not compatible with iPod, PSP, or Zune.


I like where they are heading with this, if the movie houses do decide to include versions for portable media devices. Until then, I'll have to stick with HandBrake.


Nice thought for the movie publisher/producers/etc, just a little short sighted on the actual delivery. Why would I want to watch a low res movie on my computer when I can watch the hi-rez version on my actual TV? The whole idea of making the movie (like music) portable is that I can take it with me. Now there is a concept.




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I'd just buy the standard one and rip it with handbrake.

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