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The First Mac I Got

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The first Mac I got was the MacBook (Black). It is the one I got and I am still using this incredible piece of machinery. I had gotten it as gift and at the time, i was using my piece of crap Dell laptop. It was getting really low and out of date way to fast and I was really just not enjoying it at all. I can not even begin to talk about how slow it had gotten after a while. So when I got my MacBook and opened it up, I was amazed at how thin it was compared to my clunky Dell. When i turned it on and got started using it, then, i was hooked on Macs. It was so fast and just a really fun and advanced computer. I was so thankful for that awesome gift, and still am. i believe i also forgot to tell you that after about 6 months with my Dell, the keyboard broke! That is how reliable a PC is. So overall, I am very glad that I made the complete switch from Windows, to OS X. :D

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Welcome over to our side. I know that I still have to use PCs (plus I get some for free now and again) and my Macs have always been more reliable than the PCs. I'm glad you're liking your Mac and I'm glad you've found this forum. There's a great community here of knowledgeable people and usually quick responses to any problem you may be having. I look forward to hearing from you here.



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