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"Skip When Shuffling" Change Since v1.2.0

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I have a iPod Video 5th gen and many times I want to listen to the entire library of a certain artist. In this case, let's say I want to listen to all of Led Zeppelin's songs on shuffle. Whenever I add albums to iTunes, I always check the "Skip when shuffling" box next to songs that haven't been released as radio singles. This way, when I choose "Shuffle Songs" on the main menu of my iPod, it plays only songs that I would hear on the radio (Voilà! My own personal radio station!).


So let's say I want to only listen to Led Zeppelin's songs, but I want to hear ALL of their songs in shuffle. Prior to the iPod software v1.2.0, I would just go to Settings then switch the Shuffle option to "Songs." Then I would surf on over to Music-->Artists-->Led Zeppelin-->All then click on any song to start listening. It would then proceed to play ALL of Led Zeppelin's songs in shuffle, even if i had the "Skip when shuffling" box checked in a songs settings.


To summarize, I liked it better when the "Skip when shuffling" option worked only when you choose "Shuffle Songs" from the main menu of the iPod, and NOT when you use the Shuffling options in the Settings menu. Does anyone know how I can switch back to version 1.2.0? I have version 1.2.1 and I can't find any info on how to revert back unless I have a backup file of that version. If anyone can help at all, I'd greatly appreciate it, and if any of this is unclear, please let me know and I'll try to explain it better. Thanks so much for reading my questions! :)

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