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OK, so I just turned 16, have my own car, and want to start making some (more) money... and what better way to do it than working @ Apple!

And oddly enough, there is a new Apple Store being built only minutes away from my house! I think it will be completed sometime in summer/fall 2008. I was wondering if any one in the maccast community could give me any feedback on working at Apple Retail stores - and what you think my chances are of getting a job there?


So far, this is kinda like my résumé:

  • I am a 16 yr-old, overachieving, super bright, responsible Apple-addict -- My GPA is 4.42 (top of my class of about 250 at a private, all-boys, college-prep high school), and I am an active member of clubs, partake in community service, and have leadership roles at my school
  • Started a marine service company in 2005, it operates during summer only, since starting the biz - revenues have increased 560%, the company's reputation is perfect, I am experiencing exponential growth in both revenue, profit, and customer base, while I have been able to reduce costs (in relation to income)
  • Started a Memory DVD production company in 2005, it operates year-round with about 3-5 large projects per year, very good reputation, this business has not grown very much from its beginnings - but I have not put much effort into it since I am in school and the DVD production (even with a Mac) requires too much time
  • From starting + running my own businesses, I have great customer relations and communication skills
  • Freelance web designer/developer
  • Have extensive knowledge of almost all Apple products/technologies - from using them at home, in business, and at school
  • Self-taught C, Objective-C, and (some) Cocoa programmer
  • Shareholder of AAPL

Do you think I have any chance of being hired @ an Apple Store? I could only work on weekends in Sep-May, and Sat-Wed in the Summer.

Right now I'm not getting my hopes up since I: have no retail experience, am only 16, have a limited schedule b/c of school, and b/c there will be/are probably many many applicants for only a handful of jobs. But I would be ecstatic for even getting the phone-answering job in the back room!


PS - I tried finding contact info for Apple Retail employment (by looking on apple.com/jobs) and only found one email address for special need applicants and they couldn't/wouldn't answer my questions. I also tried emailing Steve Jobs (I know he has flunkies reading it - I just hoped they would pass it on to someone who could answer my questions) but I did not get a response.

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i'm not sure about the age requirements, but i can tell you this from my interviewing process for the mac specialist position. by the way, i didnt get the job because of my tight schedule.


i felt way more qualified than a lot of the people working there and other people applying. they dont care if you're an apple fanboy or how many macs you might have. instead, they look for attitude, retail experience, very flexible schedule, and a specialty in a certain area. for example, they want "creative" guys that can explain all the photoshop/final cut/logic stuff. they want ipod guys that know everything ipod/itunes/garageband. also, they want people that stand out. for example, there was this one guy that was an elementary school music teacher and used macs all day long with that. dont sweat it so much if you dont feel "qualified" with macs or whatever, and by the way it sounds like you are. its just a general suggestion for anyone else.


so i guess to sum it up, they look for attitude, retail experience, very flexible schedule, and something that makes you stand out as someone that would benefit the store, other than just being an apple fanboy.


oh and a funny story of what not to do: the first step in the interview process is a group meeting. all the applicants that they are interested in will meet up for the first meet and greet thing. they tell you a little about working there, and then they ask you to stand up one at a time, introduce yourself, and basically say why you should be hired. almost every person's main point was how many macs they have. they went through and named all the ones they'd had in the past, and let me tell you, at the end of that, i did not want to hear about another apple II. the people that did that probably didnt get hired.

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Thanks for all the info... it really helps me out.


I definitely will have a dynamic attitude and will stand out (somewhat) but I'm not extremely specific in any one area... But I'm just looking to get the phone position for now and then maybe try to move out onto the floor after 6mo to a year.

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i'm 99% sure its 18 years of age because my friend just started a few weeks ago full time... and his sister works one day a week there... i think if you started off full time and went to part-time they might just let you work one or two days a week... but again ik the people at the store loved her

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my local apple stores said that i have to 18 to work at any of them.

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