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I have a mac-mini 2gb and I love it, but after trasfering my pc files to my mac, I somehow put my documents file which I put all my pc documents into that one file and unfrotunately I must have seen the trash full and went ahead and flushed. Later I realized that somehow I flushed it.


I have leopard 10.5 looked at some of the softwares out there, there doesn't seem to be any freeware, and I am not sure how well I might use one of the softwares... Anyway any leapord people out there with insight for a newbie such as myself.

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I'm not sure what your question is?


Are you trying to unerase something (The Documents folder)? If yes, it may or may not be recoverable. Generally when things are deleted and the trash or recyling bin (in Windows) emptied the files aren't really erased. Rather, the directory/index entry pointing to them is removed and the file system is told the space is now available. Anytime you save things now will reduce the chance of recovering the file(s)


Did you have Time Machine running before you dumped the file? You may be able to get it back that way.

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