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iBook trackpad freezing fix

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Today my iBook G3 decided to have it's trackpad behave erratically on me. It acted like a mouse will when the cord is all tangled up - not really following where you want it to go and pulling constantly to one side.


So, I poked around on Apple's discussion forum and found a wonderful tip to fix this problem that I thought I'd share with you all! Apparently this problem can happen sometimes with older iBooks & PowerBooks.


So to summarize, what you need to do is:


Turn off your Mac.

Take out the battery.

Pull off the keyboard (don't disconnect - just lay to one side)

Take out the Airport card.

Unscrew and remove the RAM cover.

From there you should see the flat orange connector that heads towards the trackpad.

On the opposite end from the trackpad, the orange connector thingy goes down into a brown cramper thingy.

Pull up that brown cramper with your thumbnail - it'll only come up about 2 mm.

Then the orange connector thingy will be loose. Pull it out slightly and put it back in, just to make sure it's in there straight and pushed down all the way.

While holding the orange thingy in securely, press down on the brown crampy thing so it can re-cramp itself to the orange thingy.

(Basically the problem was that the orange connector had come slightly loose).


Then just re-put-together everything and turn your Mac back on and it should work great!


(Note: the iBook did give me one warning after restarting it that my date/time was out of whack (possibly b/c I'd had the battery removed for a bit), but when I went into the Systems Preference pane to check on it, it seemed to have fixed itself already.)

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