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PowerBookG4 Putting Itself to Sleep

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Before I start, yes my Powerbook is three years old and still running the original battery.

Lately (over last month), the powerbook just puts itself to sleep after it has been running up to two hours.

I can usually restart it again by simply pushing a key, but it quickly shuts down again.

If I leave it a few hours, it will be fine, but only for a reduced time.

The battery charge shows 100% but when the charger is removed, it immediately says it is running on reserve power.

Is this simply a battery issue? Will a new battery solve this problem?

Would appreciate any opinions.



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Does it do it if the charger is connected? What about plugging it in and removing the battery? If it still does it without the battery I would say the battery isn't the problem. Heat sounds likely except that it seems strange that it just started happening and that it will run for 2 hours first. Maybe try the battery thing first and if it does it still then try downloading a utility to keep an eye on the temp.

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Hi guys and thanks for your kind help.

I suspected heat may be a problem too.

When cool, first thing in morning it will last two hours.

Then when I can restart again, it is much reduced. Seems consistent with heat problems, but I am no expert.

I have disconnected the battery and am trying it out just with adapter.

Let's see what happens.

Cheers and Happy new year,


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